Specialized Technology for Fermenting Fine Food

Technology and sensibility in support of food culture

Fujiwara Techno-Art's Specialized Technologies

Top company with an overwhelming market share

Fujiwara Techno-Art enjoys an 80% share of the Japanese market for fermentation machinery and plants.Thus, today it is indisputably the top enterprise and the industry leader. But once it was merely a middling company, for which a position at the top of the industry was remotely far away.That we have climbed so high is due entirely to the warm patronage of our many customers, and we offer them our sincere gratefulness.

The starting point for our manufacturing was having heart.That meant valuing every job as something that would only come along once, and doing our all for our customers, in good faith and sincerity. That stance called forth our customers’ sympathy, so that we gained steadily more and more opportunities for activity.We are not resting on the laurels of the “Top in the Industry” title. Rather, we see it as an urging and encouragement from our customers to “shoulder the heaviest responsibility”. Accordingly, we stand committed to go on devoting ourselves to our industry’s development into the future.

A thousand-year memory packed into “DNA”

The Japanese brewing technologies that give us soy sauce, miso, sake and shochu have been honed over more than a thousand years in rich natural surroundings.The technology has been passed down from master to apprentice over dizzyingly many generations.In our total automation of fermentation machinery, we do not simply abstract from modern fermentation methods. We also analyze the histories of individual breweries and close in on their secrets of tastiness from all kinds of angles, so as to design optimal automated systems.

In this way, we obtain the technology’s “DNA”, containing a thousand years of memory, which we not only transfer to the machines but also store as data.This prepares for the technology to be smoothly passed on to the next generation of machines a few decades from now.

Company name combines Technology and Art (= “Sensibility”)

The basis of our manufacturing lies in a thoroughgoing heightening of quality with regard to precision, strength, durability and other aspects.Further, we develop products that incorporate "sensibility" in addition to technological elements.For example, we have brought in fuzzy control, which uses our original technology to put into program form the role of human sensibility – something not easy to quantify numerically.This has enabled us to fully automate the process of making koji, which before had been entirely dependent on the experience and intuition of skilled professionals.

Our machines are of sturdy high quality, give solid performance, are friendly to their users, and moreover are exquisitely aesthetic.We offer these new values of Quality, Solidity, User-friendliness and Beauty as proposals for the whole spectrum of food production.

Stored-up technology, our greatest asset

Almost all our technology has been acquired from working with customers.By doing work, we get payment – and additionally, the chance to learn technology.You could almost say it’s an embarrassment of technological riches. But we are able put this store of technology to use in new tasks, and we hope by doing so to help raise the technological levels of the entire food industry, radiating out from fermentation.

Our top market share is the result of having tackled so much work in the past, which has given us a diverse range of options for overcoming problems.Avail yourself of Fujiwara Techno-Art's rich experience to boost your productivity and improve your quality.

Fujiwara Techno-Art is a brewing machinery pioneer enterprise that broke the path to fully automated unmanned koji (rice mold) production for the brewing of soy sauce, miso, sake, shochu and similar. Our technological capability has won high appraisal ever since, to the point where our machines account for a roughly 80% share of the koji production capacity inside Japan.
With the global spread of Japanese food culture, we now export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Further, we have utilized our expertise built up in the field of brewing to develop machinery for filtering and powder sterilization. Striking out into the general foodstuff and bio industries, we are blazing trails to the affluent eating of the future with our outstanding plant engineering capabilities.